Engineer & Translator

Philippe Roulley

                 - nuclear physics,

                 - optics and optoelectronics,

                 - nanotechnologies etc.

                 - electricity,

                 - electronics,

                 - telecommunications etc.

                 - biochemestry,

                 - industrial chemistry,

                 - processing, etc.

                 - networks,

                 - data transmission,

                 - automatic control etc.

                 - automobile and motors

                 - hydraulic and thermal machines,

                 - machining  etc.


Computer technology

Chemical engineering

Electrical Engineering



                 - molecular biology and genetics,

                 - food-processing,

                 - microbiology etc.


Examples of translated documents

- Computer modelling method for the core of a nuclear reactor

- Device for covering a substrate by using a chemical vapour deposition process

- Method for obtaining information about the frontal surfaces of optical fibres

Examples of translated documents

- Polynomial and spline interpolation for orienting a tool

- Expansible prosthesis

- Lower block with one pulley for a lifting gear

Examples of translated documents

- Position tracking system

- Electro-optical circuit for protecting a line in a WDM data transmission section

- Image acquisition method without interferences by means of an electronic sensor

Examples of translated documents

- Process for detecting and treating transmission errors in a bus system

- Telecommunication network station for transmitting digital data

- Method for generating an encoding key and method for transmitting data

- Device and method for generating a sequence of pseudo-random numbers

Examples of translated documents

- Spherical luminescent Silicagel Particles

- Chemical treatment assisted by electro-magnetic waves

- Method for eliminating sulphured compounds from a gasoline stream

- Linear isotactic polymers

- Purification of aromatic compounds

Examples of translated documents

- Use of sodium bicarbonate and trisodium phosphate for the manufacture of a medicinal solution

- DNA-amplification method by PCR with dry reactants

- Method for detecting punctual DNA-mutations

- New protein for regulating the STAT function

- Production of proteins in Gram-positive micro-organisms

- Method for producing a transgenic plant

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