Engineer & Translator

Philippe Roulley


Tel. : 33 (0)2 33 69 45 39

Fax : 33 (0)2 22 44 03 72


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-        English

-        German

-        Italian

Working languages

We are quite aware that translation, and moreover Patent translation, is a matter of trust and reliability. For instance, translation of claims, as a legal part of a patent, must fulfil such requirements as the accurate and complete rendering of the contents and the observation of the deadlines. We are familiar with these stringent requirements. Our experience can be considered as quite extensive.

We can translate documents in the following  technical fields:

         -                Physics

         -                Mechanics

         -                Electrical Engineering

         -                Computer Technology

         -                Chemical Engineering

         -                Biotechnologies



English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish: 0.08 euro/word


Russian: 0.12 euro/word



No minimum charge


-        Spanish

-        Dutch

-        Russian

-        Portuguese

-        French (Native Language)

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